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  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: High Five
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    EXP: x1000 SP: x1000 Drop: x10 Adena: x1000 Spoil: x10 Safe Enchant: x18 Max Enchant: x20
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L2Evolve H5 PvP
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Server Description
Server General Info

Organized community board that includes every need of a player. Gatekeeper, service manager, buffer, free and easy certification system (for subclass too), donations, blacksmith included & more!
Service Manager that provides all type of needs to every player. GMShop, warehouse, Augmenting,Symbol maker, Removal of Attribute and more!
Safe enchant +6, Max +20 Blessed enchant rate: 90%(With Ancient Scrolls you have 10% to Enchant +18 to + 20 without destroy the item if the scroll fail) .

Rank System

Rank System with 42 different Ranks, allows you to be more competitive on the server and will make you get more PvP / Assist Coins depending on wich Rank you are.
You can exchange the PvP / Assist Coin them in PvP Shop for Armor, Weapons, Ancient Scrolls, Dressme skins and many more items.

PvP Zones

Our PvP Zones has 3 modes : 1 . PvP Normal : Classic PvP zone 2 . Red vs Blue : In this team Red team fights the Blue team.
It’s basically a TvT event but without party’s allowed. 3. Free for all (FFA): A mode where everyone attacks everyone ! NOTE : Each mode lasts for 1 hour.
The order of the modes is like this : PvP Normal -> Free For all -> PvP Normal -> Red VS Blue. Then repeat.

Other Info

INSTANT Level 85
Subclasses limit 10
Subclasses max level 85
Free Certifications
NOTICE: You don’t need to level up any subs or something. Just click “Certifications” tab at service manager.
Certifications allowed in subclasses
NOTICE : All classes can sub to whatever class they like. (example : Dwarf can sub to Dominator subclass).
Scheme buffer, enchanted +30/+15 buffs, 2 hours duration
All buffs available (except Kamael and class specific)
44+4 buff slots, 20 dances
You can create 10 Profile Schemes!
Olympiad system (Enchant Limit to +6)
Olympiad starts 17 : 00 (GMT+1). Ends 02 : 00 (GMT+1)
Heroes selected every Sunday
VERY Active admin.
Territory Wars every week (Saturday 20 : 00 server time)
NOTE : Territory War protection. Increased casting range. Pervents players to hide inside outpost.
In order to start casting you’ll need to go a bit more far from the outpost than usual.
Otherwise the system won’t let you start casting.
Wards limit : 3
Castle Siege every week (20 : 00 server time)
NOTE: Use the command /time ingame to stay informed about server time.

DRESSME SYSTEM with amazing Skins including Oddysey skins, GoD textures, Zariche,Akamanah,Baium Skins, Dragon skins. Assassins, and many other Skins
NOTE: You can buy TOP/MID Rate Skins depending of your rank.
Vote reward system
VIP Augmenting system. (STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIT/MEN + the actual augment). VIP augments are reworked to pervent disbalance between classes.
Auction House System in Community Board.
Offline shops enabled.
Master work armor items are already in the PvP shop.
Autonoblesse system. This system is attached ONLY INSIDE PvP zones. Upon death your buffs will stay. Every other zone is retail like.
Hero skills allowed in sub classes.


.rankinfo for check your rank
.getreward (used to get rewards from voting)
.dressmeOn / .dressmeOff (Enable/Disable the skins of other players)
.join / .leave (used to join / leave events. Once event start you can’t leave anymore.)
.repair (repair your character with crash/shortcut problems)


Capture the flag
Team vs Team
Hunting Grounds
Mass domination
Deathmatch Survival
Zombie event

NOTE : When you JOIN in Event you will receive EXTRA RANK POINTS when you KILL/ASSIST other players!


Class cloaks / Castle cloaks / – each of these types gives different stats.
Cancellation skills effect is reworked and upon cancellation of buffs, they’ll be returned in 10 seconds.
Steal Divinity works only inside olympiad.
Automatic use of HP, MP, CP, Bottle of Soul potions
Rank Coins (PvP)
Olf T-Shirt.
Vote Bracelet
Premium Bracelet

GRAND OPENING: 28-01-2022 18:30 GMT +1