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  • Server Owner: lineage7777
  • Language: English
  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Status: Online
  • Server rates:
    EXP: x100 SP: x100 Drop: x100 Adena: x1 Spoil: x100 Safe Enchant: x3 Max Enchant: x16
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Server Description
Server opening date: 19 Febrarty, 20.00 Moscow time.
Server start in OBT mode: 16 Febrary, 20.00 Moscow time.
Start of the Olympiad: 20 Febrary.
feature.png Server Features:

NEW Unique quest for a costume. More
NEW Revival of the forgotten location Blazing Swamp. More
NEW Hunt for Tyrannosaurus "Dino Island". More
Leveling Soul Crystal from 12 to 13 Levels on RB. More
We can safely call our server - unique!
need.png Must know:

Now in the Blazing Swamp from 21.00 to 00.00 Moscow time Mage / Warrior Monster with a tasty drop appear:
High-grade Life Stone chance 1% - Festival Adena - chance 1% - Scroll: Enchant Weapon/Armor - chance 1% - Arcana Mace Head/Draconic Bow Shaft - chance 5%
To learn clan skills, you need a clan egg that can be obtained on a dino island with Tyrannosaurus 5% chance.
Static cast of Flames of Invincibility (Alliance UD) - 5 seconds.
The maximum number of people in a clan is 27.
Top Grade Life Stone drop chance from Tyrannosaurus - 60% Respawn 5 minutes.
Respawn Noble RB (Barakiel) = 4 hours (+ - 30 minutes).
Price for the third profession - 4.000.000 Adena
Full Alt + B functionality (Shop / Service / Buffer / Teleport / Statistics / Info).
An announcement was added 15 minutes before the appearance of raid bosses (except for epics) 76+.
Now 10 Grade Adena is withdrawn for crafting S Grade Weapons
Information about EPIC RB Read
Drop Raid Boss 76+ Read
start.png What awaits you at the start:

All characters appear in the initial locations.
In all places where characters appear, there are all the necessary NPCs.
Characters appear in TOP No-Grade gear.
All characters added a small starting capital for development.
rates.png Rates:

EXP/SP: x100
Adena: x1 (Live economy. All prices are indexed and balanced)
Drop: x10 (Statistical DROP A- Grade of equipment recipes, as well as Life Stone from simple monsters).
Spoil: x15
Seal Stone: x5
Raid Boss: x10
Epic RB Drop: x1
Quest: x1 (Except for some quests x10-x50)
Quest Reward - x1
Manor: x1
Command to check the expiration of a premium .premium account.
A premium account works for a specific purchased character.
proff.png Profession:

The price of the first profession is free
The price of the second profession is free
4.000.000 Adena + 700 Halish Marks (Dropped in Wall of Argos - Fast teleport added)
events.png Events:

TvT (with an automatic buff of the mage / warrior sets, the schedule can be viewed in the game by the command .tvt)
CTF (with an automatic buff of the mage / warrior sets, the schedule can be viewed in the game by the command .ctf)
subclass.png Sub-Class and Noblesse:

Sub-Class does not require a quest. The maximum quantity is 5.
Now you do not need to complete the quest for the nobless completely. Reagents are available at GM Shop.
Respawn Noble RB (Barakiel) = 4 hours (+ - 30 minutes).
The level of Noble RB and Minions is 80.
To get the items from quest you must be at the subclass of 75+ level.
siege.png Siege:

Sieges every week (Saturdays and Sundays).
Sieges only 2 castles (Giran on Saturdays and Goddard on Sundays) for maximum concentration of epic battles.
Automatic 50 Coin of Luck reward for capturing castles.
The first sieges will take place on Febrarty 27 and 28 !
Registration for the siege closes 2 hours before the siege begins (120 minutes)
olympiad.png Olympiad:

Duration of the Olympiad: from 18:00 to 24:00 Moscow time
Olympiad period 1 week
Start of the Olympiad - 20 Febrarty
The first issuance of hero from 28 Febrary 0:15 (you need to get hero at the pillar)
Maximum sharpening at the Olympics +6. Things above have a +6 sharpening stats.
HWID protection.
Extra-class fights require 3 player registrations.
The minimum number of battles for getting into the list of those fighting for the title of a hero is 9. Of these, the minimum number of victories is 1.
topls76.png Augmentation (Life Stone):

Chance of drop Top Grade Life Stone from Tyrannosaurus - 60%. Respawn 5 minutes.
Chance to get skill from augment: Тop LS - 10% / High LS - 7%, Mid LS - 3% , Life Stone - 1%
Information about the bonuses of Life Stone skills.
enchant.png Enchant:

Safe enchant +3. On failure (blessed by scrolls), it is reset to safe.
Weapon +16, armor +14, jewelry +14.
A balanced chance of enchant.
The odds are the same for both regular and Blessed scrolls.
clan.png Clan system:

All clan penalty are canceled (except for the dissolution of the clan = 1 day).
When creating any clan already has 8 level.
The maximum number of people in a clan is 27. (The Royal Guard and the Order of the Knights are disabled)
An alliance can only be created to make a large clan badge. maximum number of clans in the alliance = 1.
Reputation for killing a character from an enemy clan - 0
To learn clan skills, you need clan eggs that can be obtained on a dino island with Tyrannosaurus
Clan skills apply to all characters in a clan, regardless of rank.
about.png Features / Other:

Full info on stats / drop / spoil / resist on Shift + Click.
Convenient and multi-functional GM Shop with things up to B grade, the mammon with all its functions is also available.
Convenient buffer with the ability to save profiles and buff pets.
There are 36 slots available under BUFF, the whole BUFF lasts 2 hours.
Global Gatekeeper will quickly take you to the most popular pharma and spoil locations.
Reward for PVP - 10 Greater CP Potion (Delay in receiving rewards for PvP 60 seconds for 1 of the same character).
Reward for PK - 5 Greater CP Potion (Delay in receiving rewards for PK 120 seconds for 1 of the same character).
Offline trade, craft. The .offline team.
coins.png Server currency:

Adena - is the main currency of GM shop. It is obtained from all monsters.
Festival Adena - can be obtained at events, from champions, from Raid Bosses or mobs 76+
Coin of Luck - can be obtained by donating to the project.
commands.png Commands at server:

.epic - opens a window with information, status and schedule of Epic Bosses
.menu - player control panel (enable / disable experience, trade, invitations, etc.)
.lock - linking an account to a computer / setting a password for a character.
.reloc - recovery of a character stuck on the same account.
.acp - Auto Combat Potion (ACP) - a command to buy / activate / deactivate.
.acpset - ACP setup (setting%, below which banks will start to be used automatically).
.rcm - clan gate (coldown 30 minutes).
.clanbonus - automatic distribution of bonuses to clans.
.tvt - opens a window with registration for the event Team vs Team.
.offline - offline trading.