L2RUS.COM Interlude MULTISKILL server x2 grand Opening 31 May
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  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: Interlude
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    EXP: x2 SP: x1 Drop: x1 Adena: x1 Spoil: x1 Safe Enchant: x7 Max Enchant: x50
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L2RUS.COM Interlude MULTISKILL server x2 grand Opening 31 May
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Server Description
ATTENTION: The description is temporary. Expected some important news and changes! Check out the final version after OBT!

Basic information :
Chronicles: Interlude
Concept: Multiprof / Multiskill

Server Rates:

Xp - x2

Sp - x1
Adena - x0,1 (prices are changed in accordance with the rate)
RB Xp - x1.5
RB Sp - x1
Drop - x1
Drop c RB - x1
Spoil - x4
QuestsReward - x0,1 (adena only)
QuestsDrop - x2
Manor - x1
The cost of learning skills of any profession - x4

Server Features:

Reworked clan system, skills

The ability to craft the base currency of the server and donate coin
Added ability to upgrade A / S armor
The number of mobs on all spots doubled
Tattoos added - 24 levels:

Added zeroing system with nice bonuses:


Added mobs champions

Added accessories (12 levels), adding HP CP MP and physical protection, add static stats, not further rated
S weapon upgrade added, level 14 CA is required, CA upgrade from level 13 to level 14 is possible only on RB "Anais" in the Monastery of Silence, with a 15% chance

Buff time - 60 minutes

Limits time - 60 minutes
30% Hp is not required to use frenzy / guts / zealot / angelic icon
Ability to use totems with any weapon.
Disabled the ability to use the healing skills on the raid / grand bosses.
Added statistical rollback for some skill types (beats, letila, hp / cp etc., slender)
Skills like "Frenzy & Guts, WarCry & Rage are replaced among themselves
Light Armor Mastery works with all kind of armor
For convenience, added skill mass sweep.

Epic bosses:

Valakas - 7 days + 1 hour random.

Antharas - 6 days + 1 hour random.
Baum - 5 days +1 hour random.
Frintezza - 48 hours + 1 hour random.
Zaken (78 level) - 48 hours + 1 hour randomly, the door opens every day at 20:00 MSK
Antquin (78 level) - 24 hours + 1 hour random.
Core / Orfen (78 level) - 36 hours.

Epic bosses strengthened: protection 10 times, attack 2 times.
Removed from the drop armor, weapons and jewelry A / S grade.

Raid bosses:

Respawn 2 hours + 30 minutes
Respawn Flame of Splendor Barakiel - 6 hours + - 30 minutes, announcement 15 minutes before the respa
Respawn Cherub Galaxia - 5 hours + - 30 minutes, drop from 500 to 1500 Clan reputation, 1-2 Clan Skill Coin (necessary for learning the clan skills), the announcement 15 minutes before the rep, is in TOI 13 floor
The clan of the egg of the A grade was removed from the drop; Armor, weapons and jewelry A / S grade.
Normal rb reinforced:
4 times protection
Phys.Mag attack 2 times
2 A armor / weapon enchant scroll with 40% chance, top LS 76 lvl-a with 25% chance and skill point books with 45% chance, 2 Rus coin with 60% chance added to drop to rb 60-69
For RB 70+ levels added 2 S armor / weapon enchant scroll, top HP with a chance of 50% 1 piece and a book of skill points 60% chance, 2 Rus coin with a chance 60%
In drop RB 75+ level, Rus Coin prescription was added to drop with a chance of falling out 75%.

* Additional drop is not added to ringing and instance RB

Location Mage Boss - Forsaken Plains, next to TP, respawn 6 hours

Location Fighter Boss - Field of Massacre, near tp, respawn 6 hours



Reworked clan system:

Limits of people in terms of clans:
0 level - 5
Level 1 - 6
Level 2 - 7
Level 3 - 8
4 levels and above - 10
Limits of People Royal Guard - 0
Limit of slots in Knight's sub - 0
The limit for the academy - 30
To raise the level of the clan in the clan must be 5+ players
Any clan penalty - 24 hours, except expulsion by the clan leader
Clan skills work on all clan members.

Reworked clan skills, all skills add static, no stats to follow:
XP / CP / MP +3000 per level
Mag.Aatak +1500 for each level
Attack +750 per level
Physical Protection +1000 for each level
Mag. Protection +500 for each level
Dodge / Accuracy + 2 per level
Running speed +10 for each level

NPC server:
Gm Shop:
Skill manager:

Alt+B :



Automatic Events:

TvT and CTF (capture the flag) every 2 hours from 12:00 and ending 00:00, the prize - 1 event coin, 1 event box
TvT rewards require 1 or more kills.
* To participate in auto-events, a character must be level 40 or higher.

Purchase professions:

1 profession - 300 adena, reward 15 Shadow Item Coupon (D-grade), Rune XP / SP + 50% - 4 hours
2 profession - 10 000 adena, reward Shadow Item Coupon (С-grade)
3 profession - 3 000 000 adena, 25 Rus Coin

The chance of Enchant the usual scrolls 75%

Present a Bless Enchant with an increased chance - 85%
Safe Enchant: +7
The maximum level of Enchant for armor and jewelry +50
Maximum Enchant level for weapons +50

System of zeroings:
To be able to reset your character must be level 80!

Perform zeroing possible at the NPC "Skill Master"
After performing the reset, the character level will be reset to 1 (first)!
As a bonus - you get a reset coin
For Reset Coin, you can purchase additional passive skills from the NPC "Skill Master"
Character level reward limit for reward - 30 times (i.e. you can get a maximum of 30 Reset Coin)

Highlights :
Expanded inventory slots to 250, for crafting up to 150

Global chat (shaut!) From level 10
Implemented Shift + Click on the NPC, to view the characteristics, drop
XP / SP runes added, increasing rates by 75%
Nubles without a quest, your party should give the most flames of Splendor Barakiel, all characters should be on a sub level of class 76+, without the status of a nobleman
To add a sub-class, you need to have only Sub Coin (the quest is not needed)
Newbie buffer to level 46
Free teleportation up to level 40
Red 10 and blue x3 mobs are champions, chance of appearance is 0.3% and 3%, respectively, drop 2 and 1 rus coin with a chance of 13%
Mana Point recovers 5,000 MP, 300 adena will be charged for each use
Mana Drug recovers 225 MP in 15 seconds
Rus Coin crafting recipes can be exhausted from some mobs in the Varka Silenos Outpost location:



Server Commands:
.cfg - basic commands

.proff / .class / .classmaster / .prof / .proffa - getting a profession
.repair - recover character on account
.pa or .premium - check the time of a premium account
.acp - ADC for Mana Potion, does not work in peaceful zones
.offline - offline trade, allowed for characters above level 10
.relog .restart - clearing fps cache
/ dwarvenmanufacture - open the crafting menu.

Server currencies:
Donate Coin - mined by donations a2099ff71dbc3784f63f25ec36c3b38e.png
Rus Coin - The main currency of the server, is obtained by killing mobs of champions, the drop rate is 13% a5409ee6d832856da2e10700e0a727f9.png

Rus Coin Part - Drops from monsters of 40+ level with a 2.5% chance, necessary for crafting Rus Coin 4131bcc95b3d5f8670bf90e9f787dece.png
Event Coin - mined by participating in automatic events event.bmp

Event Box - issued to the winning team for participating in car events; if you double-click, you will get 1 of 5 runes for 4 hours 38cfa527d7f61cea41f7b1d97b91f22a.png

A grade part - drops out in Blazing Swamp and Antaras Lair locations (before climbing to BS and to bridge in LOA) with a 25% chance, the currency is needed to upgrade A grade armor e336bebf2fb465476df8031a69c73a08.png
S grade part - Drops from all mobs in Monastery of Silence with a 15% chance, the currency is needed to upgrade S grade armor 8d08246e2aca93be9fd1a134ef88deec.png
Reset Coin - Issued as a Zero Pass, required to purchase additional skills from the Skill Manager 066fc3c145550969c0b0b12b7a799591.png
Sub Coin - purchased in the GM Shop, this currency is necessary to get a sub-class 1eb97ebb3a9734c6461f783d3a8b2f59.png

Clan Skill Book - Drops out of RB Cherub Galaxia in the amount of 1-2 pieces, it is necessary to learn clan skills6ec74bbfec2364f8e24198045b7cc2fb.png

Clan Reputation Coin - Drops out of RB Cherub Galaxia in the amount of 5-15 pieces, when double-click adds +100 clan reputation clan (clan must be 3 or higher)2f2e5f4ea22307cb585d683459e99076.png


Description of stats and upgrade of A / S grade armor:

A grade :
The characteristics of A grade sets are increased as follows:

Level 1 - + 5% to standard stats
Level 2 - + 10% to standard stats of the set, minutes of stats are removed (for example, Tallum Heavy - -2 CON is removed)
Level 3 - +15% to standard stats of the set, +2 to the adding stat (For example, Tallum Heavy: total +4 STR)

S grade:

The characteristics of S grade sets are increased as follows:
Level 1 - + 10% to standard stats
Level 2 - +20% of the standard stats of the set, minutes of stats are removed (for example, Draconic - -2 CON is removed)
Level 3 - +30% to standard stats of the set, +2 to the adding status (For example, Draconic: a total of +3 STR and +3 DEX)

The upgrade is carried out in the NMS "Gm-Shop", only if there is a part of the armor that you want to improve (like a mammon, when you upgrade the gun), while the level of sharpening is maintained

To upgrade the levels you need:

Level 1 - standard parts A / S sets + A / S parts + Rus Coin
Level 2 - parts of level 1 A / S sets + A / S parts + Rus coin
Level 3 - parts 2 levels A / S sets + A / S parts + Event coin


Level 1 - 350/200 and 50/30 respectively for A / S armor + resources
Level 2 - 1000/600 and 150/90 respectively for A / S armor + resources
Level 3 - 2200/1300; 300/270 and 5 event col respectively for A / S armor + resources
* Red - price for A grade, Purple - for S grade