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  • Server Owner: lineage
  • Language: English
  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: Prelude of War
  • Status:
  • Server rates:
    EXP: x1000 SP: x1000 Drop: x1 Adena: x100 Spoil: x1 Safe Enchant: x3 Max Enchant: x30
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    good (1276)
    meh (128)
    bad (79)
Lineage 2 ID
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Server Description
Lineage2.ID We will release new Lineage 2 Server with Homunculus Patchrn* ALL BALANCE NO ONE HIT DEATH *rnXP/SP - X1000/x100rnADENA - X100rnFree to Play Server..rnAll Interface/Class/Skills Works with Almost No Bug..rnNo Pay to Win. Main Currency : Only Adena..rnStable Long Term Game Play!..rnEasy Guide for Player in Discord Farmzone/Item Etc..rnGM Shop Till Khrisna Supreme with Upgrade System with Friendly Interface..rnAll Item, Epic Jewel, Talisman, Cloack, Even Artifact and etc all in GM Shop with Adenas..rnHeroes every 1 Month.. Sieges every weekend.. Every Class Already have self Buff..rnBalance Class, No One Shoot Death.. No Dragon Weapon,rnMaks Weapon Supreme Khrisna with Open Limit more than 150k+ HP..rnMax Windows Tab 3..rnAnti-Bot Protection system.. Fully working Raid Bosses / Grand Bosses with Custom Drop..rnrnOur Detailed Info :rnrnDiscord : https://discord.gg/Ry82Wy5rnWebsite : https://lineage2.id/rnRate : https://lineage2.id/about.phprnForum : https://lineage2.id/forumrnHope you join our Lineage 2 server and you can have fun with us.. See you...