L2 Order VS Chaos
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  • Language: English
  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: Interlude
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    EXP: x1000 SP: x1000 Drop: x1000 Adena: x1000 Spoil: x1000 Safe Enchant: x3 Max Enchant: x16
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L2 Order VS Chaos
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Server Description
Order VS Chaos is an events-driven PvP faction server, make your way to the top by participating in events and defeating other players in the endless fight between Order and Chaos.

Maps: 25 minutes duration PvP events with various objectives, boss spawn 5 minutes before map ends, counts towards territory control.
Currently implemented map types: Battlefield, Capture the Flag, Domination, Escort the Payload, Fortress, King of the Hill, Siege, Team VS Team.
Hybrid maps: Castle VS Castle, Gods Arena, Moba Arena.

Instances: 5 minutes duration PvE events, each faction gets its own realm and the first to complete it wins.
Currently implemented instances: Blood Castle, Castle Invasion, City Under Attack, Clear the Chamber, Cursed Village, Dimensional Rift, Four Sepulchers, God's Tower, Ice Queen Cabin, Lair of the Snowman, Magician's Tower, Rescue the Princess, Search the Beast, Undead Camp, Water Factory, Wisdom Test.

Mini Events: short duration events where each event has its own unique goals.
Currently implemented mini events: Battle Royale, Battlefield, Bomb Fight, Buffless TvT, Death Match, Guardians, Humans VS Mutants, Humans VS Zombies, Hunting Grounds, Korean TvT, Last Man Standing, Lucky Chests, Multi TvT, Overwatch, Raid in the Middle, Russian Roulette, Simon Says, VIP TvT.

Boss Events: raid in the middle style, you must take out all enemies before challenging the raid, reward depends on your activity during the event.
Currently implemented boss events: Antharas, Baium, Baylor, Beleth, Core, Ekimus, Freya, Frintezza, Orfen, Queen Ant, Sailren, Tiat, Valakas, Zaken.

Daily Events: mimic of retail-like events which will run 24/7 and switch every midnight.
Currently implemented daily events: Change of Heart, Heavy Medals, Letter Collector, Master of Enchanting, Playing with Fire, Power of Love, Squish the Squash, Trick or Transmutation, Zaken's Curse.

Missions: consists of solo/duo/squad PvE mini games, only players level 84+ can participate once a day.
Currently implemented missions: False God, Frozen Tundra, Mines of Moria, Statue of Peace, The White Walkers.

Siege Events: free for all PvP events, all clans auto registered, special rewards for the owners.
Currently implemented sieges: Aaru Fort, Aden Castle, Devastated Castle.

Farm Zone: new players can enjoy a farm zone for quickly leveling up and farming a decent amount of adena and items.
Be aware: you can enter the farm zone once a day for 1 hour, the farm zone is a free for all PvP zone, every death inside the zone will cause a 5 minutes penalty.