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  • Chronicle: Gracia Final
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    EXP: x9300 SP: x9300 Drop: x1 Adena: x5500 Spoil: x1 Safe Enchant: x4 Max Enchant: x20
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    Server Description
    Server Features
    == Server Rates ==
    Experience (EXP) x9300
    Skill Points (SP) x9300
    Adena x5500
    Drop x1

    == Enchant Rates ==
    Enchant rates depend on Tiers

    == General ==
    Automatic loot (monsters-raids).
    Basic Skills are auto learn.
    Forgotten Skills (books) are farmable.
    SS and BSPS are appied automatically.
    Starting level 80, Max 95. Experience slows down after level 85.
    Buffs: Fighters 28, Mage 25.
    Customized shift+click on Monsters shows detailed stats/drops.
    Ranking System in Community Board.
    Wondrous Cubic with custom services.(Stats, Teleport, Shop, Skill Enchant, Augument, Class Upgrade, Symbol, Password Change, Become Noblesse).
    Geodata fully working.

    == Items Equipment Tiers ==
    Tier 1 S-Grade Items
    Tier 2 Dynasty
    Tier 2.5 Upgrated Dynasty armors and Icarus Weapons
    Tier 3 Vesper
    Tier 4 Titanium
    Tier 5 Rykros
    There are also 3 Tiers of Accessories that gives variety of bonuses to customize your setup.

    == Farming Zones ==
    Cave of Trials (Tier 2.5 equipment and below).
    Ruins of Despair.
    Mithril Mines.
    Cemetery (Chaotic zone).

    == PVP Zones ==
    Orc Village. (Orc village is a Tier 2.5 pvp zone without parties).
    Gludin Village. (Gludin is a pvp zone with no pvp limit).

    == Castle Sieges ==
    The number of siegeable castles have been set to 2. Sieges are scheduled every weekend. Custom Cloaks are rewarded to clan members and leaders depending on whice castle they own.

    == Raids ==
    Over 150 raidbosses are fully reworked.

    == Instances ==
    There are 4 instances. Each one with different requirements and level of difficulty.

    == Events ==
    In there server there is an event machine with all the known events working.

    == Olympiad ==
    Olympiad is with restricted gear with its own balance. Other restrictions such as pvps and minimum level applied so we can avoid some of the feeding. Every season lasts one week.