L2Festina PvP
  • Member Since: 2016-05-11 22:08:11
  • Server Owner: l2festina
  • Language: lineage2
  • Platform:
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Status: Offline
  • Server rates:
    EXP: x1200 SP: x1200 Drop: x5 Adena: x3000 Spoil: x5 Safe Enchant: x3 Max Enchant: x16
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Server Description
Date of start - 15 MAY 18:00 Athens Time GMT+3!
Platform: Java Lucera3 Chronicle: Interlude
Rates: EXP: 1200x SP: 1200x Adena: 3000x Drop: 1x Spoil: 1x Quest: 20x
See full list server features here http://l2festina.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3-features-list/
Main Website: http://www.l2festina.com | l2festina.com

Safe Enchant +3 | Max Enchant +16

Unique services:
Unique auction in game
Unique mail in game


Start at level 20 in the TOP-D Grade equip, 500kk adena at startup.Sub-class without quest, Maximum 5 sub-classes, simplified the quest for the nobless, 36 slots buff, Buff lasts 2 hours.
Small change can get by typing .bank deposit and .bank withdraw
Added ability to enable \ disable the automatic use points (CP \ MP \ HP). activation .acp command or via the skills (CTRL + Left mouse button) acp

Buffer, Classmanager, GM-Shop, Donate Shop, Maills, Auction, Teleport.

The Enchant of a weapon point : maximum enchant 16
+1-100%; +2-100%; +3-100%; +4-100%; +5-90%; +6-80%; +7-72%; +8-72%; +9-70%; +10-68%;
+11-60%; +12-60%; +13-60%; +14-50%; +15-40%; +16-30%; +17-0%.

Enchant armor and jewelry point : maximum enchant 16
+1-100%; +2-100%; +3-100%; +4-60%; +5-60%; +6-60%; +7-60%; +8-60%;
+9-50%; +10-50%; +11-50%; +12-50%; +13-40%; +14-30%; +15-20%; +16-10%.

Get Top-Grade Life Stone can be participating in the opening events for the daily vote in the rating system and Dino Island. Chance of optain skills in weapons 10%

Raid Bosses:
After killing the boss more than 76 levels is likely to produce the Book of Giants and Top-Grade Life Stone.
Respawn Barakiel RB 2 hours (+ -) 1 hour.

Siege, Olympiad and Events:
Automatic Events: TvT, CTF, LH.
Siege on our server are held every two weeks, the time and days - standard.
Issuance of hero every 2 weeks, starting daily at 18:00. Before the battle updated skills, fights start provided Registration: classes to 15 players; nonclasses to 7 players. Is protected from flooding points with a single IP / HWID. System limitations sharpening +6 things equip.

Above products work was carried out during 4 years. The main blow we did on:
Normal operating GEODATA and geo engine.
Official spawn system, loot, an item of skills, etc. - All data in XML format
Working on offlike quests and refinement.
Siege close to the official server, without lags and bugs.
Fully working Olympiad without problems and fully configurable.solve a problem
What is included:
Event - TvT, CtF, DM, Group vs Group,Event Finder and other game events that are available on the server.
"Proxy slider" for DDOS protection.