L2 DK Dallask
  • Member Since: 2014-08-20 05:53:29
  • Server Owner: l2dkdallask
  • Language: lineage2
  • Platform:
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Status: Offline
  • Server rates:
    EXP: x100 SP: x100 Drop: x1 Adena: x200 Spoil: x2 Safe Enchant: x4 Max Enchant: x25
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Server Description
Community: https://www.facebook.com/l2dk.org?ref=hl Rates Server Experience (XP) 100x Skill Points (SP) 100x Drop Adena 200x Weekend (XP) 200x Weekend (SP) 200x Enchants Safe Enchant +4 Max Enchant Weapon +25 Max Enchant Armor +25 Max Enchant Jewels +25 Normal Scroll 35% Blessed Scroll 75% don't break Configurations Server Time 24hrs Buffs Duration 1 hour Buffs Total 36 Buffs Divines 4 Sub-Class Max. Level 80 Incia Level 40 Siege 100% Boss 100% Quest Nolbess 100% Here are drop everything, everything crafta, everything is obtained, with the exception of Crystal enchantés. - We do not limit any of the game by financial interests, our goal is your enjoyment. - There will always be diverse events. - Never pretend to have WIPE (reset the database) on the server, our ideal is the fun of the players, not the profit on top of wipes. - Buffs lasts for 1 Hour. - System / buffshop or .sellbuffs - Our server supports over 500 players online, no lag, because our server has GBit high speed connection with ping of 30 ~ 50 to be just as opening for increasing numbers of players we increasing the ability for example: 1000 players, and so on.